Congratulations to Hawaii Animal Rescue Foundation!

At our meeting on December 4, 2019, we raised $7,000 for Hawaii Animal Rescue Foundation (HARF)-!

If you weren’t able to attend, please write your $100 check PAYABLE to Hawaii Animal Rescue Foundation (or HARF) and then MAIL it to:
100 Women Who Care Maui
c/o Chelsea Hill
P O Box 788
Kula, HI 96790

Meeting Wrap-up

Our members nominated three causes:
Hawaii Animal Rescue Foundation (HARF) – CONGRATULATIONS!
As well as
Maui Aids Foundation and Grow Some Good

Mahalo to Gannon’s & Our Volunteers!

Gannon’s delighted us with passed-puupuu’s in a stunning outdoor setting with Wailea ocean views, followed by a delicious buffet for our meeting and 75 women stayed to enjoy an amazing dinner!

We could not put on the events without the help of many volunteers. If you see them, please thank them!

Our stellar Team of Ten were Diana Brady, Sandrina Redfearn, Carmen Ferri, Courtney Avichouser, Linda LaFragiola, Mary Dungans, Marjorie Lang, Katie Ely, with photographer, Pasha Bersano, plus magical harp music by Irene Ryding.


  1. In 2020 we will start a new process: only 1 nomination per Cause will be accepted at each meeting. Our Steering Team and Membership feel this will streamline our process and make the nomination process more fair. We welcome your comments at
  2. Our May 20, 2020 Meeting will be dedicated to the ARTS!  Even though our Membership greatly values the arts in our community, we noticed that nominations for arts projects/organizations didn’t stand a chance when competing with intense Causes like cancer or abused animals, etc. So at the last Meeting, we asked our Membership if they thought holding a separate, arts-dedicated Meeting was a good idea. “Yes!” was the overwhelming response.  So, please help spread the word to any and all non-profit arts organizations in Maui County who could use $10,000 to boost their valuable, community-building programs! They should attend our May 20th meeting (Location TBA).  “The arts matter because I learn something about people and places I would have never known otherwise. The arts make my brain and my heart stretch to make room for newness. Sometimes, parts of me are displaced and replaced by wiser stuff. And that’s a fine thing.” – Victoria Hutter